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Why Social Media Training Matters

With the proven impact of social media on businesses today, it’s surprising that many companies are unaware of the importance of social media training. Not just anyone can successfully manage a social media marketing campaign without proven training and knowledge in the field.

You want your social media personnel to be trained experts. They should know the difference between a poorly executed Facebook or Twitter post while understanding how to present your company in the best light possible. A successful social media marketing campaign depends entirely upon the training of your social media experts – if they aren’t properly trained, your campaign could run amok.

In order to properly train your social media experts, make sure they know what you want from them. Give them an editorial calendar with key ideas and messages you want to promote while encouraging them to use their own voice for authenticity.

Next, give an overview of the core social media sites your company uses. Encourage social media personnel to obtain comprehensive knowledge of each of the major social platforms they’ll be using and how to effectively engage consumers on those platforms.

Finally, proper social media training should also include ways your social media experts should interact with customers. While social media provides an invaluable tool for receiving feedback from consumers, it can also leave your company open to negative feedback. Train your employees to promptly and politely respond to all customer feedback – negative or otherwise – to leave consumers with the impression that you are a company that genuinely cares.

With the right training and guidance, your company can launch a successful social media marketing campaign. For more information, contact us today.

Social Media Marketing turns Visual

Social media marketing may very well be the hottest type of online marketing today.  And within social media marketing, there are networks that are experiencing rapid growth.  Sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are appealing to social users, making visual social networks a hot commodity.

According to Francis Bea, these photo-sharing social networks are the “elephant in the room” for marketers.  After all, Bea notes that all of the major networks have made big moves in this direction:

  • Google has acquired Nik Software and its photo app Snapseed
  • Facebook obtaining Instagram
  • Twitter keeping up with native photo-friendly features (filters)

But how effective can photo-sharing networks be with purchases.  Bea cites a Bizrate Insights study that found that 69 percent of users on Pinterest were motivated to make a purchase – as opposed to 40 percent on Facebook.  The study found it to be more inspirational, pointing to its ability to organize products and obtain ideas.

These types of opportunities are certainly present for businesses.  For those that offer visually-appealing products and services, there is great potential on these sites.  Even those that don’t necessarily fall into the “typical” type of business to use photo-sharing networks can still use it creatively.

This elephant in the room could be something that businesses should pursue, extending their reach and capitalizing on this growing niche in social media.  Businesses are already using it to connect with social media users, expand visibility, and to add content to their website.  Contact us to learn more about the world of social media marketing.

Four Tips to Follow For an Effective Social Media Strategy

Back when social media first hit the Internet, hardly anyone thought of it as a tool to help build business and increase customer sales.  It was used primarily for social interaction and connecting with friends from your past. These days, this platform is extremely powerful in business for staying in communication with existing customers and attracting new ones.  However, the key to being successful on social sites is to have a well-planned social media strategy in place. Below are four tips that will help you organize your own strategy.

Determine your Social Media Goals and Objectives

You need to have well defined goals and objectives for your social marketing campaign. Your goals are generally what you are looking to achieve in the long-term while your objectives are the short-term actions you implement daily to help you reach those long-term goals. Your objectives need to be aligned with your goals.

Define your Theme

If you have read the book, The Now Revolution, by authors Amber Naslund and Jay Baer, you will understand why defining your theme is so important. Your theme will determine what you want your audience to do.  This is typically three things:

1. Sales

2. Awareness

3. Loyalty

Both awareness and loyalty naturally lead to more sales, however, each campaign in your social media strategy should focus on just one. Simplicity and consistency are essential here.

Build Relationships – Stop to Listen

Social media is centered on maintaining relationships and building new ones.  Your social marketing efforts should be focused around these two aspects.  It should not be all about you. You need to be listening to your potential customers and not just talking to them. If all you are doing is talking to them, they will get tired of simply being “talked to” and your campaign will not be a success. You build relationships with your customers by genuinely listening to them.

Be a Power User

A “power user” is an individual who is extraordinarily active in the social media community and has more of a significant effect on the members than the average user. Power users have more influence because they build honest and strong relationships with their followers, share valuable content and do not self-promote excessively.  They actively build up a prominent social status in the social community.

In the end, not everyone’s social media strategy is going to look the same and results will always be different.  Just remember, it takes time and consistency to start reaping the rewards. Please contact us to learn more information on building a strong social media campaign to build relationships and increase sales.

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