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Marketing is like Exercise

Marketing is like Exercise

The more you do it the better you get. You also need to be consistent at both in order to see the full effects. And the long-term effects are better than the short-term gain of a single effort.

Marketing isn’t just a one time thing. You can’t just send out a direct mail piece or one email and think you’ve done your marketing. Think Campaign. Or, think like you’re  training for a 5K race and then another and another.  You have to do it over and over and over again to see the cumulative benefits. You need a strategy that ensures that all efforts build upon previous efforts. You train, your race. You plan, you launch.

It takes training and practice to get good at exercise and it takes the same to get good at marketing.

I was an All-American swimmer in High School and college. I was an athlete most of my life. Then I had 3 kids in 2 years and formal exercise completely stopped. Yeah, I chased 3 toddlers and carried twins around in car seats and pushed 3 kids in a double stroller. But formal exercise ceased and I felt it.

After 5 years of non-fitness, I recently have been able to carve out time to start exercising again. But for the first time in my life, I approached it from a different perspective. I was sympathetic, understanding and patient (not one of my strong traits). I knew better than to push too hard in the beginning. I thought, anything I do is better than where I have been. So I started out slow. 20 minutes 3 days a week. Missed a week due to sickness, but gave myself permission to rest. Then, I got right back at it.

Well, 3 months later and I can actually complete the pre-set program on the treadmill. I’ve even picked up a hand weight or two. You see, I didn’t beat myself up when I got bad results (unusual for me). I didn’t beat myself up when I needed to rest (again, out of character). But, I just reminded myself that I would start up when it was right for me and complimented myself for taking such good care of myself.

This encouraged me to get back on that treadmill and get going again. And now I’m feeling the cumulative effects.

It’s just like that with your business and marketing. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes campaigns don’t give you quite the right results. But you learn from them, you make adjustments and you try again. Give yourself permission to be imperfect. Give yourself credit for keeping at it.

It’s been like that with my business too. Everyday I work at it. I progress what seems like a breadcrumb in the overall plan. Each day I may not see significant results, but when I can look back and see how far I’ve come cumulative in the last 6 months, I can smile.

Have you exercised your marketing muscles today? Have you scheduled time to plan and practice your marketing?

How do I automate the marketing of my blog?

How do I automate the marketing of my blog?

Do you automate the marketing of your blog posts? Here’s what I’ve done.

My blog posts are relevant to small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to market their business better. As such, I have them automatically posted to places that small business owners can find them such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. I have spent some time automating this process so I can focus on the creation of content and not the marketing of it. Here are the methods and tools I used to automate the updates of my blog posts.


I have two twitter accounts; the first, @expertmktgcoach, I tweet each post once, and the second, @debzimmer, I use to repeat the tweets throughout the day.

I use Hootsuite to import the RSS feed from my blog to twitter. This sends out one tweet per account. With Hootsuite, I can also schedule tweets on that second account so that the tweet reoccurs throughout the day.


My blog headline posts to my LinkedIn status using Hootsuite. Hootsuite also sends the status to which updates numerous other sites that I visit less often.

My blog is then imported into my LinkedIn Profile using the LinkedIn WordPress Application.


I use Facebook Notes to import my RSS feed into my Facebook Page. This creates a duplicate copy of my blog on Facebook. I can also use Hootsuite to import the headlines into my wall on my personal Facebook profile or public page.

Social Bookmarking

Using the WordPress Plugin tool for OnlyWire, my posts are automatically bookmarked to numerous bookmarking sites with which I have accounts. It creates bookmarks at more bookmarking sites than I can reach through reaches other social media sites that OnlyWire doesn’t, such as Plaxo.

RSS Reader

I use Feedburner for those who want to get my blog posts in an RSS reader format.


If you are a Kindle user, you can read my blog by subscribing through the Amazon Kindle Store.


Each post I write is search engine optimized. I use a number of tools including WordPress plugins to assist me with search engine optimization.


There’s one more automation tool I’m considering but haven’t yet implemented. I see that AWebber is now integrated with Feedburner and can send the RSS feeds in email to your subscriber base. I think that sounds way cool. I just wish the tools I currently use offered that service.

That’s all I’ve got on blog marketing automation. Do you have any tools or systems you use that you particularly like?

B-to-B Marketing vs. B-to-C

What’s the difference between marketing to a consumer and marketing to a corporation? I think, it’s in the emotion.

Businesses like to think they make logical choices so the information you provide must be backed up with facts and figures and data. The business wants to know you understand their issues and have a rock solid plan to resolve them. The “how” you are going to do it is important. The resources involved, time, etc. play into the decision. Testimonials help.

Consumers also like to think they are making logical decisions but they need less data and more stories. The stories are laden with how lives are transformed. They want to know that you connect with them on a personal level and understand their pain. Consumers are not as concerned about the process; they just want the pain to go away. Fix it now.

What other ways can you think of that makes marketing to a consumer different from marketing to a business?

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