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3 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Plans

Create Your DreamsPeople sometimes assume that opening their very own business is easy. However, it takes more than money to make a business thrive and survive. We live in a world wherein we have a lot of competition with whatever things we decide to venture on. It is very important to make sure that you have a good marketing plan, so that you can safely and steadily be on track as you take your business upwards.

But remember, creating marketing plans is more than just drafting a bunch of strategies on a piece of paper. There are actually important factors involved in this. Here are three helpful tips in creating good marketing plan.

Firstly, one of the things that you have to remember is, you have to be highly motivated. There are times when a business plan seems promising but because the owner is not that determined to succeed, the business fails. Entrepreneurs would have to be “hands on” with their business especially during the first years when it is still very fragile. Entrepreneurs should make sure that they are not only using their knowledge, but their instincts as well–because it is a very big factor.

Second thing you have to remember is, your plans should be concise and concrete. If you’d just put together generalized ideas in your marketing plan, then it will not succeed. You should specify what your goal is (precisely), who will be in charge of your goal, and what people around you or your staff should do in order to help. Also, remember that you have to be specific about the day you would like your goal to be reached. This will make you strive more.

Lastly, remember that your plans would have to be measurable. You have to keep your goals reachable. You can’t expect to become big in the industry that you chose overnight. Have a big goal, but also accept that it may take a while for you to achieve it—years even.

You have to work hard to achieve success. But in order to reach that point, you have to make your dreams precise, concrete and “big yet attainable.”

9 Tips to a Profitable Online Store

How to get online store salesA few months ago, one gentleman on one of my LinkedIn groups posted a request for help. That post ignited a fire in me.

You see, after composing a response to him, I realized how the 9 steps I outlined could be converted into an article. Then I thought it could become a series of articles or a case study using his site as the example. Then I thought well I might as well turn it into a class.

So that’s what I did.

Next week, I’m teaching a live one-time only teleclass called

“5 Simple Strategies to a 6-Figure Online Store:

How to make FAST RECURRING INCOME so you can live the life YOU Want!”.

If you or anyone else you know is interested, here’s where you can find out more:

I want to thank Larry for the inspiration. It is my hope that I can help business owners like him to create the income they need to live the life they want.

All my best, Debra

The request for help:

Recommendations on SMALL business marketing

Marketing is something that I never pursued much, and I realize now that I need some help marketing my small business. I don’t have much money to spend – my business is SMALL, and there’s not usually much cash flow. Anyone have any suggestions that won’t break the bank besides SCORE and SBA? The business is an on line business, mostly word-of-mouth. I do some magazine and specialty ads, but that’s about it. I am looking for ideas, or recommendations, or just ways to get the word out.
I am envisioning people getting to the part about not much money and then lots of ‘deletes’!!


9 Tips to a Profitable Online Store:

Larry, as a former owner of an online retail store, and an internet marketing coach here are a few tips:


  1. Don’t compete on price. It won’t get you anywhere.
    When you are a retailer of products that are available through other sources, the reason people will come to you above all others is…. the relationship! Without a relationship, you can only compete on price (which is typically a no win situation).
  2. You must provide value-add.
    A blog would help you to establish a relationship with your readers, and create traffic through SEO and establish you as the go-to source for your products. Give them tips and ideas. You need to be a content creator.
  3. You need to focus on your customer. Is it the jewelry crafter or other? You need to speak to each subset of crafter differently and have different supplies for each niche. Pick on niche and be the best you can at meeting their needs.


  1. Traffic:
    You need to generate traffic. In your case, SEO and a blog would be the starting places. Improve the description on your site. Let people know who the right customer for you is and why they should be your customer. Networking both online and off in craft related forums is next and the fastest way to build relationships. Commenting on other craft related blogs will also get you attention.
  2. Capture names and build a list:
    You need to have a way to capture your customer’s name and build your list as soon as they come to you site. Give away something for free in exchange for their name. It can be anything from a product to a free report on jewelry making. Make it relevant to the customers you are targeting.
  3. Communicate:
    Send out weekly tips via email and your social media connections. Give away your expertise. Build trust. Eventually ask for a sale.
  4. Ask for the sale, and transact business.
    You may need to use some sales techniques such as special offers, bundles, time-limited offers, etc.
  5. Build community and Upsell.
    Know what type of products your customer buys and offer them related products at the time of sale. Create upsells. Don’t inundate your customer with more and more offers. Give them your expertise and build the relationship. Deliver world-class customer service. Delight them.
  6. Measure results.
    Measure what works and what doesn’t. Learn where your efforts are best spent and focus on those.

That’s it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to grow your online store sales, please join us for this FREE one time teleclass

Is your Marketing Strategy like a COYOTE?

Do you market your business like a coyote?

The other morning I awoke to a frozen lake outside my front window. And in the small section of the remaining melted water were crowded hundreds of geese. Then out on the ice sat a lone coyote, his stillness required a double take. He sat like a statue, waiting for an unsuspecting goose to leave the water so he could pounce.

The rest of his pack circled the water, and then walked away from the lake, trying to convince the geese that they were leaving and all was safe. But the geese didn’t budge. They could sense the danger of the lone coyote waiting for breakfast.

Do you act like a coyote in your marketing and sales tactics? Do you have such anticipation and eagerness to greet your customer that you become overwhelming and “pounce” on them? Are you so eager that you frighten them away? Do you try to trick or manipulate them into buying?

What to do?

Well, the coyote retreated. They left the lake to return another day. Can you retreat in your business? Probably not.

So, what to do?

Well, I wanted to stir things up and go throw a rock in the lake. Don’t worry, I refrained. I still think it would be interesting to see the change in dynamic to make the geese fly out of the water, thereby giving the coyotes a chance. (The coyote looked like they needed some help.)

The idea behind this applies in your business: How can you stir things up so that you are not looking so desperately ready to pounce?

How can you shift from predator to friend?

Perhaps you can give them geese some bread crumbs! Go back to your marketing strategy and your customers needs, then give them something that satisfies them. That will get them out of the water and onto your turf. And it gives you a starting point to build a relationship based not on consumption but on mutual gain.

How might you move out of coyote (predator) mode and into friendly mode with your marketing strategy?

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