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Social Media Strategy: What Not to Do

Let's say (hypothetically, of course) that you've just started your own business, and after searching the internet for tips on social media strategy, you decide that you're going to promote your new business on Facebook and Twitter.

You know all about the power of these social media sites, and you are understandably excited about the opportunity to reach out to literally millions of new customers.

But after you read all about how important it is to get your message out there, you go overboard and start bombarding everyone you can find with one sales pitch after another. To you, this seems like an honest attempt to establish a client base for your business.

Yet it doesn't seem to be working. Months go by and your numbers of friends and followers are nowhere near where you want them to be, and you are left wondering where you went wrong.

The problem here is simple: Social media is best used as a tool to interact with potential customers, not attack them.    

Remember your first e-mail account? Odds are, if you were like most of us, it was only a matter of time before it was flooded with spam messages from companies trying to sell you something. 

There are some aggressive marketing types who swear by this type of marketing. They believe it's worth annoying a majority of your customers if you can "trick" a small minority into buying the product. And for a massive national or international company, this might be a decent strategy.

However, for an entrepreneur just starting out, you simply cannot afford to burn bridges at this rate. And while this strategy is bad enough through e-mail, it's even worse through social media.

Remember the original purpose of these sites was to connect friends. The goal when using social media strategy to help grow your business is to build a relationship with your customers. Because of this, it's vital to create interesting and helpful content, not just empty sales pitches.

What is compelling content for twitter may not be compelling content for you blog. Your blog articles are much longer and meatier, while your tweets are short and concise. To have a discussion on what makes content interesting and helpful, you need to take into account the network that the content will appear on as well as how that content relates to and can be repurposed for other social media outlets.

Do you have a social media content strategy for your company? Which content do your customers love the most?

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