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What is your Blog Philosophy?

What is your Blog Philosophy?

How do I use my blog?

Now that you have your blog set up, How do you use it? What is your blog philosophy?

Think of your blog as an interactive tool. With a newsletter you push information to your customers. With a blog, your customers can talk back to you by leaving comments, and you can reply to them.

Your blog becomes an extension of your company’s public persona or brand and thus it needs to reflect your brand.

Here are some ways to build your brand with your blog:

  • Portfolio – Express your brand’s personality by expanding your portfolio to your blog.
  • Inform – Share with your customers some key learning or “how to” tips. Inform them of new products or services or any product recalls.
  • Networking – You can use a blog for networking. Go to websites of other people in your field and leave comments on their articles and include a link back to your blog. They will do the same to you.
  • Awareness – Post links to articles and content on the web that relates to your business or brand.

A blog can be a powerful marketing tool as long as you have a clear blog philosopy. It is a subtle way to brand your company while appearing authentic and knowledgeable and setting you up as an authority in your field. The blog helps you to establish a relationship with your customers and build trust. Your prospective customers get to know you and your company before buying.

Do you have a blog philosophy?

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