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B-to-B Marketing vs. B-to-C

What’s the difference between marketing to a consumer and marketing to a corporation? I think, it’s in the emotion.

Businesses like to think they make logical choices so the information you provide must be backed up with facts and figures and data. The business wants to know you understand their issues and have a rock solid plan to resolve them. The “how” you are going to do it is important. The resources involved, time, etc. play into the decision. Testimonials help.

Consumers also like to think they are making logical decisions but they need less data and more stories. The stories are laden with how lives are transformed. They want to know that you connect with them on a personal level and understand their pain. Consumers are not as concerned about the process; they just want the pain to go away. Fix it now.

What other ways can you think of that makes marketing to a consumer different from marketing to a business?

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