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Free! Make Money, Save Money, have fun with Blastoff!

Some of you may be hearing the hype of Blastoff. I don’t usually trust these things or pay any attention to them. But this one has caught my attention.

What is Blastoff?

There’s a new company launching called Blastoff. It’s a next generation internet home page/shopping portal. It’s FREE to join Blastoff. As a Blastoff member you get cash back on all purchases made through the site and you get discounts. When you share blastoff with friends and they become members, you get paid commissions on everything they buy, up to 10 levels deep! And it costs you nothing!

Why I like Blastoff:

  • It’s FREE! I’ve seen many of these MLM-type shopping portals launch and all of them up to now have had a fee required to get started and a monthly fee to stay active. Blastoff is FREE! Can you say “no barrier to entry?” That means there is nothing to prevent a consumer from signing up to get free money. I believe Blastoff will spread virally very quickly.
  • GOOD USER INTERFACE: The user interface is extremely well done. It incorporates many of the features I have wanted in a start page. I’ve wanted an aesthetically pleasing site (I’m a visual learner) that would incorporate all of my social media interfaces. Blastoff does this. Microsoft has been wanting to own this space since the beginning of time. So has everyone else. Blastoff is the best implementation of a start page I’ve seen. I like it.
  • VIRAL: Americans love a bargain. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for free to get cashback, discounts, and commissions?
  • PARTNERS: Blastoff has Strong Partnerships. Blastoff knows how to do this right. They’ve partnered with the most successful businesses in each space. VistaPrint (the largest internet printing company), Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. (the largest provider of legal services), and over 300 top merchants.
  • FINANCIAL BACKING: They are planning the biggest launch in internet history (so they tell me, but having worked on Internet Explorer during the browser wars I’m still a skeptic).  Evidently, they’ve also partnered with Pizza Hut and you’ll be seeing their ads on every pizza box you buy.

I’ve signed up to be part of the prelaunch and to get it on the ground floor. If you would like to know more, you can watch this video and then contact me for more information.

How To Blastoff,

Note: Blastoff is currently in Pre-Launch mode so not all the functionality of the site is working. But here is a link to an example of a customized site (limited customization available at this time):  Deb Zimmer’s Blastoff Page

and here is an example of the corporate home page. http://blastoffnetwork.com/

What this means as a marketer?

You’ll be able to send people to one site to connect to you. You’ll have one site to direct people to maintain your personal brand. You can set up a blastoff site for your business thereby creating a portal to all your social media faces. You can sign people up through your blastoff site to generate income for your favorite non-profit. All you need for a blastoff account is an email address.

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