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Social Media Marketing turns Visual

Social media marketing may very well be the hottest type of online marketing today.  And within social media marketing, there are networks that are experiencing rapid growth.  Sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are appealing to social users, making visual social networks a hot commodity.

According to Francis Bea, these photo-sharing social networks are the “elephant in the room” for marketers.  After all, Bea notes that all of the major networks have made big moves in this direction:

  • Google has acquired Nik Software and its photo app Snapseed
  • Facebook obtaining Instagram
  • Twitter keeping up with native photo-friendly features (filters)

But how effective can photo-sharing networks be with purchases.  Bea cites a Bizrate Insights study that found that 69 percent of users on Pinterest were motivated to make a purchase – as opposed to 40 percent on Facebook.  The study found it to be more inspirational, pointing to its ability to organize products and obtain ideas.

These types of opportunities are certainly present for businesses.  For those that offer visually-appealing products and services, there is great potential on these sites.  Even those that don’t necessarily fall into the “typical” type of business to use photo-sharing networks can still use it creatively.

This elephant in the room could be something that businesses should pursue, extending their reach and capitalizing on this growing niche in social media.  Businesses are already using it to connect with social media users, expand visibility, and to add content to their website.  Contact us to learn more about the world of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook Grows to One Billion Users

It is official: As of October 4, 2012, Facebook has reached one billion users.  CNN Money’s Aaron Smith reported the inevitable news for social media giant Facebook recently, as the indicator hit its biggest milestone in quite some time.

The incredibly growth of Facebook is quite eye-opening.  In just over three years, Facebook has grown from 250 million to one billion – originating in its first one-million milestone ala December of 2004:

  • July, 2009: 250 million users
  • July, 2010: 500 million users
  • October, 2012: One billion users

Now reaching out to one out of every seven individuals on the planet, Smith notes, this milestone is of course great news for social media marketing.  It reinforces the growth, accessibility, and possibilities of not only Facebook, but all major social media players – including the likes of Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

facebook marketingAfter all, Smith notes that less than 20 percent of Facebook users live in the U.S. and Canada – and for many businesses, that means that a great deal of the target market is relevant to their practices.  With the ability to greatly filter sponsored ads on Facebook, business owners targeting certain niche markets and locations will enjoy the wealth of users.

Facebook has made a number of great strides lately.  From introducing more powerful Insights tools, as Anum Hussain of Hubspot explores, to increasing its user base and bringing highly filtered sponsored ads – there is a lot to like for social media marketing.  Businesses can leverage Faceook and other social media tools to grab their visitors and keep them engaged.

Now, business owners will have more potential customers to market towards – and the tools to see who’s watching.  Contact us to learn more.

Optimizing Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

In just a few months, jewelry brand Swarovski increased its followers from 20,000 to 500,000 by using Pinterest, reports Rosie Baker.  Recognizing Pinterest’s ability to offer “freedom unlike any social media platform,” Swarovski utilized its uniqueness to provide “an inspirational window-shopping experience, one click away from the online store.”

This is not an anomaly.  According to Robin Goad, head of digital analytics at Experian Marketing Services, 10 percent of those leaving Pinterest go directly to a retail site, reports Baker.  In other words, it offers premium appeal for online retailers of all types.

For social media marketing, it is clear that Pinterest is a major player in the field.  It certainly has the power to account for plenty of unique visitors and customers, ones that thrive off of the uniqueness of Pinterest in their free time.

How can brands use Pinterest optimally?  As opposed to simply giving similar content that can be found on Facebook, Baker advocates a fresh approach to Pinterest.  As it is clearly worth the time, brands should dedicate unique and fresh content to Pinterest.  In other words, Pinterest demands its own strategy – one set apart from Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media mainstays.

Social media marketing is and should be an important focus for brands and businesses of all kinds.  Naturally, Pinterest commands its own spot in that conversation.  Businesses that invest in Pinterest can see healthy returns.

Looking for more help with social media marketing?  Contact us to learn more about Pinterest and other avenues to grow a business.

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