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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Grows to One Billion Users

It is official: As of October 4, 2012, Facebook has reached one billion users.  CNN Money’s Aaron Smith reported the inevitable news for social media giant Facebook recently, as the indicator hit its biggest milestone in quite some time.

The incredibly growth of Facebook is quite eye-opening.  In just over three years, Facebook has grown from 250 million to one billion – originating in its first one-million milestone ala December of 2004:

  • July, 2009: 250 million users
  • July, 2010: 500 million users
  • October, 2012: One billion users

Now reaching out to one out of every seven individuals on the planet, Smith notes, this milestone is of course great news for social media marketing.  It reinforces the growth, accessibility, and possibilities of not only Facebook, but all major social media players – including the likes of Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

facebook marketingAfter all, Smith notes that less than 20 percent of Facebook users live in the U.S. and Canada – and for many businesses, that means that a great deal of the target market is relevant to their practices.  With the ability to greatly filter sponsored ads on Facebook, business owners targeting certain niche markets and locations will enjoy the wealth of users.

Facebook has made a number of great strides lately.  From introducing more powerful Insights tools, as Anum Hussain of Hubspot explores, to increasing its user base and bringing highly filtered sponsored ads – there is a lot to like for social media marketing.  Businesses can leverage Faceook and other social media tools to grab their visitors and keep them engaged.

Now, business owners will have more potential customers to market towards – and the tools to see who’s watching.  Contact us to learn more.

20 Social Network Marketing Tips

Social media networks first emerged as means of communicating and interacting with people from all around the world. But now, companies have seen their potentials and are now utilizing them to promote their goods and services. If you want to utilize your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts well, here are social network marketing tips which can help your company.


  1. Immediately update your Facebook fan page once you have published your posts.
  2. Post content and links that will drive your fans to like and share your page or post.
  3. Include your Twitter account in your Fan page.
  4. Use the “Question” feature to create a survey about your company’s products and services. This creates interaction between your company and your fans.
  5. Include your Facebook fan page link on your online newsletters.
  6. Host a contest on Facebook, in order to draw more clients to your fan page.
  7. Create a landing page with a “reveal tab.” This page can feature a voucher, video or image which is unique and attractive to consumers.
  8. Respond to Facebook queries and comments right away!


  1. Tweet ‘til kingdom come!
  2. Invite followers by campaigning your Twitter page in your Facebook page, website or blog site.
  3. Tweet about the posts of influential bloggers related to your niche or company.
  4. Make sure to re-tweet your content automatically with the help of programs such as Social Oomph professional.
  5. Share the tweets of famous people and acknowledge them by including their Twitter names in the status update.
  6. Use hash tags which include the Tweets in groups and lists, in order to draw more readers and possible customers.


  1. Tape an interview of renowned personas in your niche and post them in your YouTube profile.
  2. Include your Facebook, Twitter, website and blog site link in your YouTube profile.
  3. Pen a headline that features keywords which are relevant in your category.
  4. Use a tempting and intriguing headline that will make viewers want to see your video.
  5. Make sure to type in tags for each video.
  6. Include a link back to your main site.

These are just some of the basics of social network marketing. For more advanced tips, contact us.

Social Media Made Simple for Small Business

Do you have a small business? Do you want to gain more attention and more customers for your products? You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars (which you don’t have) for advertisements and campaigns– with social media marketing, you can have the limelight focused on your company!

What is this marketing strategy, anyway?

Marketing through social media is a technique which uses social network giants to catch the attention of web browsers. What sets this technique apart is, you gain popularity through word of mouth – meaning you get attention because people like your products and items, not because you ran a fancy commercial on national TV.

This social media strategy is very advantageous, because even the smallest of companies can use these networks. Social media is very accessible, as long as you have an internet access. Because there’s virtually no capital involved in opening a social network account, this type of marketing plan is conveniently free.

What social networks can you use? (and how to use them)

Facebook. This is considered a bigger platform because it allows you to post longer descriptions, more photos and more videos. Your website’s “likes” tell you how much patrons and followers you have. Customers can post feedbacks on your profile, which gives you the information you need to further improve your services. You can also use Facebook to promote a link headed towards your Twitter page or company blog.

Twitter. This network gives you the chance to promote your products on a personal level. Because the campaigns are short, more users will tend to read it. For your tweets, you can include links which direct the user to a promotional video or image. Most often than not, Twitter brings new customers in and fosters loyalty with the old ones.

Blogs. Blog sites such as LinkedIn or your very own company blog, give companies a chance to interact with their online customers. These blogs can be used to show your company’s information and products, with more detailed descriptions as those allowed in Facebook and Twitter. You can also use your Blogs to direct your customers back to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

With these social media networks, you can market your products effectively without spending a lot of money. Try any of these platforms today to see the difference.

And don’t forget, you can always contact us for more awesome tips.

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