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4 Ways to Get More Sales Now!

Have you ever tried to sell something to a customer online and wondered how to get them to buy more from you?

Here’s how…

The way you implement an upsell depends on the type of online selling you are doing. Here are 4 ways to get more sales now…

  1. Script
  2. Related Items
  3. People who bought this also bought
  4. Confirmation Page

So, when do you use these?

A phone script is used when you have a custom product or service and your customer usually places a phone call to get help making a selection or placing the order. When they place the order by phone, you want to have a script ready or you need to train your sales associate on what to offer. It can be a simple question like “Do you need a blouse to match that skirts?”

If you have an online shopping cart system with a catalog of products, you can implement the “related items feature”. What this does is once the customer selects a product either on the product detail page or in the shopping cart, the customer sees suggested or related items that complement the product they have chosen.

A similar feature is for the product detail page or the shopping cart itself to display a list that shows “people who bought this also bought”. was one of the pioneers of this upselling technique.

When you are selling from a squeeze page and there is no shopping cart, just an order form, you can still provide an upsell to the customer. Once the order is placed, you can direct that client to a new order confirmation page that confirms their order AND has an additional offer on it. Some systems allow you to create a funnel where you can offer a sequence of upsells and down-sells that changes based on the response of the individual customer.

These four techniques can be very effective at increasing your sales immediately. Once implemented, these techniques invoke the psychologically triggered behavior of commitment and consistency to increase your average order size.

Do you have any other techniques you like to use to upsell your customer?

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