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How to Increase Recommendations 27%

social-media-reportHave you ever tried growing your own business? It can be a difficult and daunting task. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you attract more customers.  One way is to use social media to grow your prestige and influence.

It’s easy to post statuses and updates on social media, but how can you make sure you are reaching your target audience?  If properly used social media can be a powerful and influential medium to reach a larger audience.

A simple five-step system can help you, the CEO, President or Owner, to use social media to your marketing advantage. This system shows how you can reach your target audience in an effective way. The System is entitled The 5 B’s of Social Media Success. Research has shown that executives and businesses that use The 5 B’s of Social Media Success can see 27% of followers to be more likely to recommend, and 18% more likely to buy their services than a company not using this business model.  Wouldn’t we all like to see such an increase in leads?

Social media is also an effective way to increase your perceived thought leadership. Research has shown that social media builds trust, transparency, and the perception of being a transformational leader. Your transparency gives customers clarity on what your business does and what value you add for them, thereby increasing their likelihood to buy.

It doesn’t pay to wait. If you don’t build your social media presence your competition will. Your competition will now have an advantage over you. It will then become increasingly more difficult for you to position yourself and your company as the expert in your field.  New business opportunities, such as sales and strategic partnerships, can easily be made through social media.

To learn how to increase your online prestige and presence to increase sales and attract your tribe, download a copy of the research report “The 5 B’s of Social Media Success” here. When you download the free report, you will see how the research that shows how to achieve your objectives and grow your business using social media.

Social Media for Business: Reputation Improvement

Which is more important: Improving the reputation of the business or increasing sales?  New research has shed light on this interesting topic, offering insight into the use of social media for business.

David Mielach reports that, per the research, just 11 percent of businesses say they use social media to increase sales.  However, more than 20 percent of businesses say they use it to build their reputation and brand.  Mielach adds that 39 percent say that it is a part of the broader communication strategy.

As social media is becoming a central source for customer service and visibility, it isn’t surprising to see businesses use social media for reputation building.  The opportunity to capture customers and show an engaging side of the business with social media is appealing.  With a sound content marketing strategy and ideal communication with customers on social media, a business can certainly improve its reputation.

While the numbers in the quoted research seem low, Mielach notes that social media for business numbers are rising: nearly 40 percent of United States respondents will increase their social media and digital budgets.  These numbers, according to Mielach, are higher than increases in reputation management (as well as corporate communications and corporate social responsibility communications).

Business are taking advantage of social media as an all-encompassing tool – for sales, content marketing, customer service, and certainly for reputation improvement as well.  Contact us to learn more about how to leverage social media for your business.  We will be happy to help you improve your understanding of social media.

Dress For Success

It's taken years to learn to keep some balance in my life. By nature I become a work-a-holic. So I need to schedule in fun. Today I want to take a moment out to ask you which 25 year old Bridesmaid's dress I should wear for the dirty Girl mud run. That's right! The pictures are a blast. Take a look and tell us which dress you would wear in the mud run!

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