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4 Ways to Get More Sales Now!

Have you ever tried to sell something to a customer online and wondered how to get them to buy more from you?

Here’s how…

The way you implement an upsell depends on the type of online selling you are doing. Here are 4 ways to get more sales now…

  1. Script
  2. Related Items
  3. People who bought this also bought
  4. Confirmation Page

So, when do you use these?

A phone script is used when you have a custom product or service and your customer usually places a phone call to get help making a selection or placing the order. When they place the order by phone, you want to have a script ready or you need to train your sales associate on what to offer. It can be a simple question like “Do you need a blouse to match that skirts?”

If you have an online shopping cart system with a catalog of products, you can implement the “related items feature”. What this does is once the customer selects a product either on the product detail page or in the shopping cart, the customer sees suggested or related items that complement the product they have chosen.

A similar feature is for the product detail page or the shopping cart itself to display a list that shows “people who bought this also bought”. was one of the pioneers of this upselling technique.

When you are selling from a squeeze page and there is no shopping cart, just an order form, you can still provide an upsell to the customer. Once the order is placed, you can direct that client to a new order confirmation page that confirms their order AND has an additional offer on it. Some systems allow you to create a funnel where you can offer a sequence of upsells and down-sells that changes based on the response of the individual customer.

These four techniques can be very effective at increasing your sales immediately. Once implemented, these techniques invoke the psychologically triggered behavior of commitment and consistency to increase your average order size.

Do you have any other techniques you like to use to upsell your customer?

How not to compete for expensive Google Adwords

How not to compete for expensive Google Adwords.

Competition. We have all experienced it. Some of us have more of it than others. Why are some businesses surrounded by flames, drowning in the noise of the competition, while others seem to thrive and soar forth from the fire like a phoenix?

If you’ve experienced intense competition, learning how to position your business as unique can help. Think of the scenario where you have an online store where the products you offer are also sold by 20+ other online stores, albeit at lower price. If you can figure out how to compete in that scenario, don’t you think you can figure it out elsewhere? Perhaps these techniques can apply to you.

Do you hear yourself saying “Google Adwords for my category are too expensive”? If you answered yes, then listen up.

I know the drill. I’ve been there. I’ve had a business, an online store, where each of the products I sold was also available through numerous other online retailers and at a lower price. So how did I grow that business to produce over 6-Figures of recurring income?

Position Yourself as Unique

One technique to position your business as unique in the marketplace is to define a niche.

How do you become unique when there are hundreds in your niche?

1)      Get exclusivity: Get an exclusive license to distribute a particular product line.

2)      Create unique products. Become a creator, manufacturer or importer of unique goods or services.

3)      Carve out a niche to promote your products.

Carve out a niche

Identify a niche and position yourself uniquely in that niche. Anyone can do it. You just have to train your brain to think a little differently.

You see, while most people are selling their products and services based on topic, or category or supplier or brand, very few actually promote their products based on the solution they provide the customer. Focus on the solution, and you can set yourself apart from the field.

“What does this actually mean? How do I apply this?” You ask. Let me give you an example.

My company sold contemporary furniture and accessories. So I spent time paying for Google Adwords related to bed, dresser and nightstand unsuccessfully. These Google Adwords were too expensive. And there was too much competition. I had a little success buying keywords based on the name of the designer of one particular product line. But, the people searching by the designer’s name were looking for the lowest cost. I didn’t want to nor could I afford to lower our profit margins by competing on price. Sound like a familiar scenario?

What happened next transformed the business. You see, while talking with the supplier one day I asked “Why do you think people buy your product? What is the big appeal?”

You know what he said? “Storage. Originally the designer created this line because there was no space in the apartments here in the city. So people bought the beds to get more storage.”

That 2 minute conversation transformed my business into producing a 6-figure a year income with NO COMPETITION.

Focus on the solution

I went home and switched our Google Adwords to “storage beds”. Our customers were looking for a solution. We were the only ones to give them a solution that also made a design statement. Style and function in one.

Our customers were now buying from us because we offered a solution to their problem of no storage. There was no one else selling this product line as a solution. Our customers didn’t even know that the product was available elsewhere. They thought it was exclusive to us. Why? No one else thought to sell the solution to the customer. Everyone else was still competing for the people seeking the brand; the ones that wanted the cheapest price. We kept our margins and got more customers.

How can you find a niche for your non-unique product or service where your competitors aren’t competing for the same keyword? Can you focus on the solution?

If you’d like to learn more about how to sell online, listen to our free teleclass “5 Simple Strategies to a 6-Figure Online Store: How to make FAST RECURRING INCOME so you can live the life YOU want!” Register at

How to improve ecommerce conversions

Don’t you hate when you get a great idea at 2am? Especially one too long to write down on a pad of paper?

That’s right. I got this awesome brainstorm at 2:08 am and I’m here at my computer doing a brain dump so I can get back to sleep.

So, here it is….

How to improve ecommerce conversions.

Most people think that once you get your traffic up on your ecommerce site and you have a ton of visitors, the next thing to do is to focus on improving conversions. Its true, but its also too late.

You see, your ability to convert customers all happens before they get to your site. It actually happens before you even put up a web page. How to improve website conversion happens at the idea phase.

Before you do a thing, you need to define the WHY. Why are you  in business. What is your purpose and mission.another way to think of this is WHY ME?

From that you need to think of your customer. Why does your customer have pain? Why are they looking for help? Before you begin, you need to know WHY YOU?

Are  you getting the trend here?

Step 3 is to know your competitor and what alternatives there are to your offering. What are they offering your customer? Why would your customer choose them? WHY THEM?

And finally, we get to ask ourselves, “Why would my customer choose me over them?” What is the trans-formative experience they get from working with me? Why will their lives be better off by choosing us? WHY US?

This video of Simon Sinek below provides a fantastic example of WHY. It’s less than 20 minutes long and it explains WHY ecommerce conversions are determined before your customer gets to your web site.

If you’d like to learn more about how to increase your ecommerce conversions, please join me on this complimentary teleclass “5 Simple Strategies to a 6-Figure Online Store“.

I want to thank Janine for sending me the link to the video which resulted in me getting no sleep tonight 🙂 I wish you all a good night’s sleep and let me know how you see the WHY ME, YOU, THEM, US applies in your business. How will it change what you do?

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