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Customers can help you maximize social media marketing

If your business marketing has moved to the digital world and you are using inbound marketing, social media or any of the other options available there, you are ahead of the game. You are engaging with your customers and with potential customers. That’s good.

Social media marketing is all about engagement. Now, the question is what are you doing to enrich that engagement and gather user feedback that you can turn into actionable data? 

One of the greatest strengths of marketing in the digital age is the ability to establish interactive communication between business and the public. It opens the door for business owners to find out what their customers really think. It also means that business owners have an opportunity to ask questions and solicit ideas and suggestions from the people that are most valuable to them — their customers.

This is an aspect of our new marketing strategies that is not being used nearly as effectively as it could be.

Your customers can provide you with the information you need to better address complaints, refine products, develop and deploy new services, and more. You can also use the input from your clients to build your business and make it more efficient or simply to make it more convenient.

So how do you make that happen? What new ideas and solutions can you incorporate into your existing social media marketing plan?

Here's a couple of ideas:

  1. Respond to customer comments. You learn so much by what they ask or tell you. And it builds relationships to acknowledge and respond to them.
  2. Include memes, otherwise known as polls, surveys, questionnaires, etc. Let your customers vote and make suggestions for you.
  3. Ask their opinion. A simple question goes a long way. People love to share their opinion. See example below…

What else do you do to encourage your customers to communicate with you on social media?


If you are looking for deeper, richer connections with your audience and you want to reap the benefits of those connections, contact us.

About Debra Zimmer

After 25 years of growing entrepreneurial businesses at companies such as Microsoft, where she attracted 700,000 members into an online community in 18 months and then grew a second one to 250,000 members in 10 months, Debra Zimmer then struck out on her own to grow an online retail store to 6-figures of income and put it on AUTOPILOT for 3 years. With an engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Debra is the undisputed expert in helping experts, entrepreneurs and executives to focus their brilliance and magnify their impact using social media and internet marketing tactics.

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