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Bad PR: Muslim TV Exec Beheads Wife

Over the weekend I was reading an article on MSNBC about a Muslim TV Executive who was charged for murder for beheading his wife. He pleaded guilty by reason of insanity due to spousal abuse.

The reason I felt compelled to even mentioned it here is that the article states that,

Hassan, 45, is charged with one count of second-degree murder in the Feb. 12 death of 37-year-old Aasiya Hassan at the offices of Bridges TV, the station the Pakistan-born couple established in 2004 to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims.

Does anyone else see the irony?

Hassan establishes a TV station in NY to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims and then proceeds to chop off the head of his wife. Hello? What are you thinking Hassan? If you weren’t going to jail for the rest of your life I’d say you need a new PR strategy!

You can read more about the situation at MSNBC.

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  1. Debra…

    Who his house built from glass, don’t through stones on others people houses…

    What you said above is right and I agree with you, but mention the religion is like you want to show the world “Hey look at the Muslim what are doing…!!!”

    If you look to America murder archive, no country cab bet with you.

    Murders and all kind of aggressive abuse towards wives, kids….etc. are registered with the highest numbers in America.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not against America, but I’m saying here facts.


    • Majdi, you make a valid point.

      It is my belief that the Muslim description was a relevant part of the irony. Unfortunately, The Muslim religion gets a bad rap in the US press. I respect that this man set up a TV station to try to show a more positive and realistic side of being Muslim. He may have succeeded with his programming, but his personal behavior did not. I would have loved him to paint a more positive picture in the eyes of Americans. Unfortunately, the nature of his crime, the beheading, is perceived by Americans to be barbaric. And it reinforces the negative stereotypes that many Americans have (I believe this can be attributed to ignorance). That is what I see as ironic and sad. This person had specific goals to improve the image of a particular group of people, then performed actions in direct conflict with that goal.

      It reminds me of the incidents years ago with priests in the Catholic church being charged with molesting children (I believe it was boys). Again, the irony of a priest in the Catholic church, who is perceived to be holy and a trustworthy protector of the innocent, to be hurting the most innocent children in his parish, is horrible, unforgivable and yet ironic. It would lose the irony if we didn’t mention they were priests in the Catholic church.

      This is in the context of which I was thinking.

  2. It is absurdly ironic that a man creates a network to counter Americans negative “false” ideas about Muslims only to murder his wife in a barbaric fashion, very much reinforcing (or even creating) those ideas.

    A Catholic priest molesting and abusing boys is not ironic however. That would be considered messed up, but no irony is involved. In fact, it makes sense why child predators would choose a profession where they are entrusted with children and often above suspicion. It might be ironic if the main tenet of Catholisicm was the protection of children (which it certainly is not), or specifically not abusing children. Unfortunately child abuse is not often mentioned in a church so irony doesn’t work.

    I have no affection for the catholic church and am not defending them in any way. I am simply defending the proper use of the concept of irony (unlike Alanis Morisette).

  3. Also I would like to express bewilderment at the comment seemingly defending beheading as a practice, or somehow suggesting it is not truly barbaric and only considered as such by Americans.

    “the beheading is perceived by Americans to be barbaric”. HUH???

    I’m pretty sure that the entirety of civilized human culture perceives it as barbaric. That is less of a “perception” and more of a fact. Other things that are unquestionably barbaric to the civilized world would be torture, cannibalism… Things like that. Perhaps this was not the intent of the comment but it does read that way.

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