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Marketing is like Exercise

Marketing is like Exercise

The more you do it the better you get. You also need to be consistent at both in order to see the full effects. And the long-term effects are better than the short-term gain of a single effort.

Marketing isn’t just a one time thing. You can’t just send out a direct mail piece or one email and think you’ve done your marketing. Think Campaign. Or, think like you’re  training for a 5K race and then another and another.  You have to do it over and over and over again to see the cumulative benefits. You need a strategy that ensures that all efforts build upon previous efforts. You train, your race. You plan, you launch.

It takes training and practice to get good at exercise and it takes the same to get good at marketing.

I was an All-American swimmer in High School and college. I was an athlete most of my life. Then I had 3 kids in 2 years and formal exercise completely stopped. Yeah, I chased 3 toddlers and carried twins around in car seats and pushed 3 kids in a double stroller. But formal exercise ceased and I felt it.

After 5 years of non-fitness, I recently have been able to carve out time to start exercising again. But for the first time in my life, I approached it from a different perspective. I was sympathetic, understanding and patient (not one of my strong traits). I knew better than to push too hard in the beginning. I thought, anything I do is better than where I have been. So I started out slow. 20 minutes 3 days a week. Missed a week due to sickness, but gave myself permission to rest. Then, I got right back at it.

Well, 3 months later and I can actually complete the pre-set program on the treadmill. I’ve even picked up a hand weight or two. You see, I didn’t beat myself up when I got bad results (unusual for me). I didn’t beat myself up when I needed to rest (again, out of character). But, I just reminded myself that I would start up when it was right for me and complimented myself for taking such good care of myself.

This encouraged me to get back on that treadmill and get going again. And now I’m feeling the cumulative effects.

It’s just like that with your business and marketing. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes campaigns don’t give you quite the right results. But you learn from them, you make adjustments and you try again. Give yourself permission to be imperfect. Give yourself credit for keeping at it.

It’s been like that with my business too. Everyday I work at it. I progress what seems like a breadcrumb in the overall plan. Each day I may not see significant results, but when I can look back and see how far I’ve come cumulative in the last 6 months, I can smile.

Have you exercised your marketing muscles today? Have you scheduled time to plan and practice your marketing?

About Debra Zimmer

After 25 years of growing entrepreneurial businesses at companies such as Microsoft, where she attracted 700,000 members into an online community in 18 months and then grew a second one to 250,000 members in 10 months, Debra Zimmer then struck out on her own to grow an online retail store to 6-figures of income and put it on AUTOPILOT for 3 years. With an engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Debra is the undisputed expert in helping experts, entrepreneurs and executives to focus their brilliance and magnify their impact using social media and internet marketing tactics.

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