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Sports Illustrated hit a Double Bogey.

Sports Illustrated hit a double bogey when they sent me GOLF magazine. Now if they sent it to my dad or brother or husband, or any of my brother-in-laws, they would have hit a birdie. But they didn’t. They mailed it to me. They should fire their list broker.

Do I look like a 45-70 year old man? Do you think I find value in ads for Viagra? How about prostrate cancer?

Now, I think it’s probably a pretty good magazine, especially if you can relate to 5 pictures per page of gray-haired men talking about golf. Or the ads for golf vacations, golf clubs, golf grips and golf courses. And, there are the ads for single malt beverages, Viagra and prostrate cancer screening. Speaking of which, why can’t they come up with a blood test for screening breast cancer. But no, we have to get those horrible mammograms. (Sorry for the digression.)

There are approximately 3 pictures of women in the editorial sections of the magazine. Two of them are wives and 1 is a golf announcer that evidently no one likes even though she’s the best announcer out there (according to the article). Perhaps it’s for the same reasons I can’t stand this magazine, I can’t relate.

This is a classic example of missing your target audience. Assuming the goal of sending me a free issue of the magazine is to get me to subscribe, then Sports Illustrated is going to have low conversion rates. And, it has nothing to do with the value of the product. They simply had a lousy list.

When you conduct your next marketing campaign, consider this… Are you reaching the right audience? Or does your target audience not like your message, your products, your price or your offer? In this case with Sports Illustrated’s Golf Magazine, the low conversion rate is simply a result of reaching the wrong customer.

Although, it is the holidays and all those men will be descending on my house in a week. Perhaps it’s the pass-along sale that they are after. There may be some hope yet.

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