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When is the Best Time to Sell More to Your Customer

When is the best time to sell your customer more?

The best time to get your customer to buy more is at the time of sale.

That’s right, offering your customer an immediate up-sell is going to get you better results than waiting until later. There’s a reason that an immediate up-sell is going to get your better results than one that is offered at a later time. The reason is rooted in psychology.

You see, there’s a behavior called “Commitment and consistency” that says that we as humans have an overwhelming need to behave consistently once we make a public commitment. So when we finally pull the trigger and make a purchase, we have this innate desire to behave consistently with that decision or commitment that we just made. So, when I decide to become a customer of yours, there’s an innate drive to stay a customer of yours. Therefore if you present me with an offer, I have a higher likelihood of buying more while I’m still feeling this commitment. This behavior drives us to purchase again.

Have you applied this to your business?

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