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How to use Books and eBooks to Market Your Business

Books & Ebook Marketing

Why do you need to publish a printed book or an electronic version of the book? Writing a book organizes your thoughts around a subject, making you more effective in your field. Having written a book establishes you as an expert in your field. The book educates, teaches or entertains others, which increases your value to your clients, your business or your employer.

By adding value to the lives of others you increase your income. A book gives you a physical item to use to promote yourself or business. You can sell it at speaking engagements, thereby adding incremental revenue. A book or ebook can be sold from your website and other people’s websites, which drives more traffic to your site and more revenue.

A book or ebook creates a residual income stream. You can publish the same material in print and electronically, thus increasing your distributions channels. You can re-purpose the content of the book and publish parts of it in your blog, creating yet another traffic and revenue stream.


  • Write content and self publish it in a book, ebook, CD, DVD, etc. You can now do this without having to pay for it until someone makes a purchase. They are printed on-demand.
  • When you write a print publication you can package it in electronic format for sale as well.
  • And, you can record an audio track or even a video for distribution.
  • Place the book for sale through 3rd party and affiliate sites. This gives you links back to your site, increases your search engine optimization and traffic.

Resources – Publish Books

  • YouPublish – YouPublish is the easiest place on the web to share and sell your digital files. Completely FREE to use, join, and upload! Upload video, audio, PDFs, Word documents, photographs, and more. Sell your files or share them for free.
  • LuLu – Publish. Sell. Lulu gives you access to the fastest and most extensive distribution system available anywhere – and at the same time, lets you maintain complete control over everything from how much your work costs to where it gets listed. Self-publishing doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Scribd – Tens of millions of people come to Scribd each month seeking information and inspiration on subjects ranging from travel to religion and music. With our innovative iPaper document-reader technology and popular website, Scribd is changing the way written works are distributed, marketed and shared. Professional publishers on Scribd include print publishing and media companies, authors, corporations and organizations.

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