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3 Facebook Ad Images that Convert Best

Have you ever wondered how to get people on Facebook to respond to your ads?

Here are some tips from the VP of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media
and Jennifer Sheahan from FBadsLAB.

The three types of images that convert best on Facebook ads are:

  1. Happy Women
  2. Colorful Logos
  3. Headshots

Happy Women

The best performing images to use in Facebook advertising are of happy women. Women who look overjoyed, free and are looking directly at the camera convert best. Also, try images of women who joyfully have their arms in the air.

Colorful Logos

Try logos that are colorful and engaging. If your company’s logo is boring or bland, make look colorful by adding a colorful border, background or text. Definitely avoid blue and white as the colors blend too much with Facebook’s colors (think contrast to capture attention).

Images with text on them (calls to action) convert better than images alone. In general, ads with a “reason” convert better than ads with no reason. So don’t just tell people about your accounting services but include a reason like: 1) end of tax year special or 2) an online promotion with savings available for 3 days only.

Note: product images do not convert as well as straight up colorful logos.


Happy pictures where people are looking directly at the camera work best. Close up pictures work best.

Facebook Advertising Tips

In addition they shared some general tips to help you get the most of your Facebook advertising.

  1. Use a sense of "urgency" with your Facebook ads. Don't run them too often or for too long. The reader should feel like they have to take action now or the opportunity will be gone.
  2. Distract the user from other tasks.
  3. Include a purpose or reason they need to take immediate action. Tie your ad to a a promotion, discount or compelling report.
  4. Test images and call to actions.
  5. Expect low conversion rates averaging in the 0.02% range. You’re doing well if you see conversions above 0.4%.

Do you have any tips to share? Is there anything you've experienced with your Facebook advertising that works really well?



(You can read more details at http://searchengineland.com/3-types-of-facebook-image-ads-that-work-80162.)

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