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Facebook Custom Fan Page Tab Requires SSL

Here's a new development in the Facebook Custom Fan Page world. If you are using an application or have created a custom tab that points to a server, off of Facebook, that server must have an SSL certificate. What does that mean to most of us?

  1. If you have used an existing 3rd party Facebook application, like an iframe app, chances are they are already hosting your custom page on a secure server. Check with them to be sure. Ask them if the server that hosts your Facebook Custom Fan Page has an SSL certificate. If the answer is yes, you're OK. If not, they will either have to get one, or you will have to move to a new server or hosting company that has one.
  2. If you self host on your own web site, you will need to ensure you are on a secure server. There are a couple ways to do this. 
    • First, you can purchase a SSL certificate for your site. There are many places you can get one. Your hosting company may offer them. Or, you can order from GoDaddy.com. You will also need to have your developer follow the rule found here.
    • You can host the content in your iframe on a secure site like an Amazon S3 account. Another is to post files in Dropbox.
  3. If you are using Facebook.com apps or tabs, you should be fine.

Don't you love these un-announced changes?

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