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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Grows to One Billion Users

It is official: As of October 4, 2012, Facebook has reached one billion users.  CNN Money’s Aaron Smith reported the inevitable news for social media giant Facebook recently, as the indicator hit its biggest milestone in quite some time.

The incredibly growth of Facebook is quite eye-opening.  In just over three years, Facebook has grown from 250 million to one billion – originating in its first one-million milestone ala December of 2004:

  • July, 2009: 250 million users
  • July, 2010: 500 million users
  • October, 2012: One billion users

Now reaching out to one out of every seven individuals on the planet, Smith notes, this milestone is of course great news for social media marketing.  It reinforces the growth, accessibility, and possibilities of not only Facebook, but all major social media players – including the likes of Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

facebook marketingAfter all, Smith notes that less than 20 percent of Facebook users live in the U.S. and Canada – and for many businesses, that means that a great deal of the target market is relevant to their practices.  With the ability to greatly filter sponsored ads on Facebook, business owners targeting certain niche markets and locations will enjoy the wealth of users.

Facebook has made a number of great strides lately.  From introducing more powerful Insights tools, as Anum Hussain of Hubspot explores, to increasing its user base and bringing highly filtered sponsored ads – there is a lot to like for social media marketing.  Businesses can leverage Faceook and other social media tools to grab their visitors and keep them engaged.

Now, business owners will have more potential customers to market towards – and the tools to see who’s watching.  Contact us to learn more.

Three Social Media Marketing Tips

Most business owners would agree the most effective way to gain new customers is through the testimony of existing customers. Word of mouth has been one of the best marketing tools for decades, if not centuries. Our generation, however, has seen “word of mouth” taken to a new level through social media. Social media has substantially changed the relationship between customers and business owners.

Successful branding of a company through social media marketing is now a crucial step in any strategic marketing plan. Entrepreneurs can reach existing customers, draw in new ones, increase visibility and establish a presence in the community, both geographic and virtual. Below are my top three tips for generating more business leads through your social media marketing campaign.

Know your audience.

Research the social networking sites used by your target demographic and consistently post informative material. Know where on the Internet your customers spend their time. Although Facebook has the most followers of any social networking site, if your customers are on LinkedIn or Tumblr, that's where you need to be too.

Keep in mind social media conversation is less formal than traditional marketing vehicles. The right messages = more "likes".

Integrate a blog.

Virtual Business Marketing recently studied the relationship between social media exposure, including the correlation between blogging and lead generation. The study looked at more than 4,000 HubSpot customers. They found that companies with over 200 blog posts generated 4.6 times more hits to their Web sites than businesses with only 20 blog articles. More blog posts = more traffic.

Add Video.

Many companies are successfully gaining visibility and driving more traffic to their Web sites by creating short videos on YouTube. A stellar example of social media at work was a campaign launched by Old Spice. The company generated 12 million views of an original TV ad that was posted on YouTube. After that, they added 186 videos of the ad star Isaiah Mustafa sending personalized messages to celebrities and bloggers. In turn, the bloggers and celebrities tweeted the videos to their millions of followers. As a result, one ad reached tens of millions of viewers online.

The good news is you don't have to have a professionally produced film like the Old Spice ad. Amateur videos work just as well when targeted to the right audience. Grow your network = Grow your business.

Marketing strategies vary from business to business. Contact us to see how social media marketing can benefit your company. 

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Facebook Fanbase

This week I'm quoted in an article on "Business News Daily" that talks about  "5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Facebook Fanbase". Here are some of what you'll learn if you read the full article…

Provide compelling content. — Even though your Facebook page is up and running, you need to get people to like and trust you. According to Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach, one way to increase that trust is to provide compelling content.

"Basically they need a reason to 'like' your page. They want to know what's in it for them. When they come to your page, they want to see that you consistently post something of value to them," Zimmer said.

Zimmer suggests one way to post compelling content is with a "tip of the day."

"You can sit down once a month and jot down 30 things that would help your customer transform their life. You then use a tool like Hootsuite to have those tips post for you automatically once a day. And you have created a reason for people to 'like' you. They do it to get those tips," Zimmer said.


Build a chain of communication with your customers. — Facebook isn't all about business, so it's important to make sure that you're entertaining your customers. Zimmer said that you can do so by asking some questions.

For example, Zimmer asks her followers what tip topics they would most like to see from her.

"That starts getting people engaged. And when they comment on your post, it shows up in all their friends' news feeds. With the average Facebook user having 130 friends, that number of people who see your post multiplies quickly," Zimmer said.

You can read the rest of the article here

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