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How to Create your Custom Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page Custom Landing Page

When a customer or potential customer comes to your website you want a way to greet them and invite them to "like" your page. When they 'Like' your page, you can then continue the conversation with them off your page and in their news feed.

Your Facebook Fan Page should have a 'landing page' in the same way that every online marketing campaign would have a unique landing page to inform and convert customers.

To create a landing page on your Facebook Page, you will need to add a "Reveal Tab". By default your Facebook Page will have a Reveal Tab for your Wall, Info, Photos and a few other default applications. If you want to add some custom content that is unique to your page, you will need to create a new Reveal Tab for that content.

When you create a Reveal tab,  you are in essence adding another page to your Facebook Page. That page is going to act like a picture frame. It will have a tab that you name and then a blank page. The blank page is actually a placeholder for your content. Think of it as a picture frame and your job is to put in the picture (or text, video, etc.). the frame is called an iframe, and your job is to add an iframe to your page and fill it with your unique content.

There are 3 main ways to create and fill that picture iframe and create your custom page.

1) Install an Iframe application from the Facebook App Center

You can go to the Facebook App Center and download an application that someone else created. These apps usually have the phrase "static html" and "iframe" in their description. Once you install this, it typically will have the name "Welcome". You can change that name by going into your page edit features, going to the apps, then clicking on that specific application.

Once the tab is installed,  you will find that you will need to know html in order to put content in it. If you know html, this method is the fastest way to get started. If you don't know html, you will need to find someone who does if you want to use this method.

The Pros: Fast, Easy, Free.

The Cons: Requires HTML knowledge

For a list of suggested applications in this category, please visit my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/DebraZimmer

2) Use WordPress for Facebook

The second "free" option does not require that you know HTML to create your content. However, there is some setup required. With this option you create your own iframe application from the Facebook Developer Center, and then point your iframe to a self-hosted WordPress site that is formatted with a theme that fits inside the iframe. For this method, you will need to create the application which is not terribly difficult, and you will need a new wordpress installation using wordpress.org and NOT wordpress.com.

I like the simplicity of WordPress and love that I can add another WordPress site for free on my website self-hosting account. You can see an example of my WordPress for Facebook website on my Facebook Fan Page "Debra Zimmer".

Using this technique, you will create the tab and then link to a wordpress site that is formatted to fit in the iframe (500 pixels wide).

There are 3 ways to integrate WordPress as your content management system for your Facebook Fan Page.

  1. With this I created a set of WordPress templates formatted to blend with Facebook and I sell those for $15. this allows you to show multiple WordPress Pages inside the one Facebook iframe and the color palete matches that of Facebook so it will work for any business.
  2. If you have an existing WordPress site and just want to link one of the pages to it, you can use the "Fanpage Connect" Plugin for WordPress. This plugin will format your WordPress page to fit inside the iframe restrictions of Facebook Pages by stripping out the formatting and sticking the content only in the Facebook iframe. Please note that this only allows you to show one WordPress Page in the iframe and I found it difficult to understand the directions.
  3. Design your own WordPress theme.

Pros: You can use the familiar WordPress content management system to create and update all  your custom content on Facebook. One iframe contains multiple pages of content. Free if you already have a self-hosted WordPress website.

Cons: Takes some setup. You may need technical assistance for setup.

More details on these solutions are available at http://www.facebook.com/DebraZimmer

3) Get a Facebook Application with Templates

The third option to create your customer Facebook Fan Page is to register for a 3rd party software application. These require no programming skills. No installation required. However, they may require a fee.

You can see the ones I've used and tested by 'liking' my fan page. And, a complete list of applications is available at http://www.facebook.com/DebraZimmer

Are you using any of these techniques to customize your Facebook fan Page? What tools do you like most and why?

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