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My daughter is going to the Olympics!

My daughter is going to the Olympics. Not today, and not because she is gifted. She's not going because she has a pure love of her sport. While she does have some talent, and most of the time she enjoys it, the one and only reason I can make that statement is because she'd rather stay on the Olympic training track than CHANGE!

Seriously. That's how powerful a motivator FEAR can be.

It's a testament to how we humans are by nature resistant to change. You see, my daughter is only 6.

And fearful of change she is. If she wanted to switch OFF the Olympic training track, she'd have to change teachers. And, the kids in her class would change. Or even worse, she'd have to change gyms!

Nope, she'll have none of that. Change? NO WAY!

So here she is. Training 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. Climbing the ropes hand over hand with her legs in a pike (and not touching the rope). Doing handstands on the balance beam with perfectly pointed toes and so on. All because she's afraid to change. While she really doesn't want to train that much, she hates change more. So there she goes, day in and day out, up and down the rope, picking up the skills and logging the hours to perfect her craft without knowing why or what or where she is going.

Thank god this fear is working in her favor, this time. But I ask you "How is it working for you?"

Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs most of us don't start out on the elite path to success. We don't have an experienced coach and team that lays out the strategy and the plan for us and just tells us what to do.

As entrepreneurs there is no structure, no one-size fits all program you can follow on the road to success. We can't just blindly start a business and have it take us where we want to go just because we show up each day.

Many of us don't start with a plan or a road map. We just start. And that's OK. It's better than never starting at all. But I'm asking you again, "How's it working for you?"

Are you ready to up the ante? Up-level your game? Are you ready to get on the Olympic track?

For my daughter, the goal has been set for her just by nature of the team she is choosing to be on. This team has one goal, to churn out champions. Period.

I have two questions for you:

  1. Have you chosen your championship team?
  2. Do you have a coach and team to support you in achieving your goals?

If you answered NO to either of these questions, I may be able to help. I have a mastermind team forming now. I'd love to be  a part of your championship team and help you put the plan and structures in place to achieve your vision. If this sounds intriguing, you can learn more here.

How have you seen this resistance to change play out in your life and the lives of those around you? Can you see it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about how fear of change keeps you in a pattern that may or may not support you in achieving your goals.

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