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What is the Tiger Woods Brand?

What is the Tiger Woods Brand?

I have been privy to several discussions in my groups about the Tiger Woods Brand and how his extramarital affairs affect his brand. Will his advertisers drop him? Will his actions diminish the value of his brand?

I thought I’d start this discussion by defining “What is a Brand?” According to Wikipedia, a Brand is simply a distinguishing name and/or symbol intended to identify a product or producer. So the “Brand” itself doesn’t change because of what Tiger Woods does or doesn’t do. He is still Tiger Woods and will always be Tiger Woods.

However, the “Brand Image” is the psychological aspect of the brand. It is all the information and expectations we consumers associate with the given brand. The Brand Image is all those qualities and characteristics that make the brand unique.

Given this construct, how is the Tiger Woods Brand Image impacted by his affairs? Well, let’s see. When you think Tiger Woods, what is the very first thing that comes to your mind? I say it is “The Best Golfer in the World”. Can anyone disagree?

Ok, so what are some of the sub-messages that we carry with us when we think of Tiger Woods, “The Best Golfer in the World”? This starts getting a little more personal for each of us. I think of things like “good Sportsman-like conduct”, “Amazing concentration and focus”, “Determination”, “Practice, Practice, Practice makes perfect”.  Again, these all are supporting statements to “The Best Golfer in the World”.

Ok, let’s dig a little deeper. I think things like “charitable” and “pleasant demeanor.” What are your associations? I still haven’t gotten to the phrase “committed husband.”

Because the Tiger Woods Brand Image is built on the foundation of “The Best Golfer in the World” we as a society are likely to cut him some slack in areas of his life that don’t effect his status or our image of “The Best Golfer in the World”. Yeah, we are disappointed in him. He let us down in regards to being wholesome and a committed husband. But, he didn’t disappoint us yet in the area upon which his Brand Image was built.

Now, if Tiger’s personal life starts to interfere with his ability to produce “The Best Golfer in the World”, that is when his Brand Image will suffer, his advertisers will pull out, and he will lose the support of the public. Let’s hope he can get his act together and get grounded again before that happens, for we would certainly miss Tiger Woods, “The Best Golfer in the World”.

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