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How to Measure Social Media Success

Social Media Metrics

How do you measure the success of your social media campaigns?

Social media marketing actually encompasses a broad range of tactics, goals and strategies. Let’s look at the metrics as a function of what social media can do for you…

1) Establish a Presence

Do you have a presence everywhere your customers hang out on the web? How do you measure this quantitatively? Make a list and check it off.

2) Build Awareness and Drive Traffic.

This is directly measurable through your website analytics. Look at the source of the new traffic.

3) Capture Names and Build Lists

Well it just so happens that you can measure this directly from social media. Your basic metric is the quantity of new connections, followers, fans & subscribers (email and RSS).

4) Build Relationships and Trust

Ok, this is where social media can really shine. And, it is the most difficult to measure. Some suggestions for metrics are the number of interactions with your customers. How active are they in communicating with you? How many comments on your blog post? How many referrals to your site? How many retweets? Are you adding value? The number of inbound links to your site and any improvement in your search engine rankings (as compared to your competition) will also show the quality of the relationships you are building.

5) Conversion to Sale

When you make a special sales offer, you can use your web analytics to track conversions. But often conversions come through time with the increased relationship. It is often not one outlet that led to the sale but a series of exposures over time. Still, you can use web site analytics to trace the source of the sale. You can use surveys (how did you hear about us?). The metric is the increase in sales and revenues. Look at the dollar value of the new customers and its source (from analytics).

6) Upsell or Re-sell

How well are you getting additional sales from your existing clients? Measure this based on where the existing customer came from when they clicked through to make a purchase.

To get to ROI, you’ll need to know your sales income (by referring source) and your expenses (time/money spent on social media, opportunity loss, outsourcing costs, etc.). Again, social media is about building relationships, so the ROI should be increasing over time as you build those relationships. That’s another metric to look at. Look at results as a function of time, not just individual campaign. You should see an improvement over time of the cost of sale.

Free Ways to Use Internet Teleconferencing to Grow Your Business

Teleconferencing is useful for a variety of reasons. First, it is a great marketing tool to host free teleseminars and a great way to build your list. It is also valuable for training and delivering services.

My favorite feature is that you can record the call and reuse it over and over. For example, I used FreeConferencePro to record a call that I posted to the home page of my web site Expert Marketing Coach. I’ve reproduced it here for you…

Listen to this recording from a FreeConferencePro conference call…

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Resources: Internet Teleconferencing

  • Powwownow – we offer you immediate conference calls, available 24/7, with as many people as you want speaking at an affordable price – we don’t even need to know your name
  • – simple, convenient, and reliable service at little or no cost. high quality at low cost,
  • InstantConference – is a free reservationless, on-demand telephone conferencing service that can be used instantly, reliably and securely. Record your conference call for free!
  • FreeConferencePro – is a completely automated and secure system that allows you to sign up for the service and immediately receive a Conference Access Number and your own personal Passcode, ready for use immediately. Free recording, playback and statistics.
  • TeleseminarLive – Seminar teachers, list your teleseminar, webinar, or online training class in the calendar free of charge. It is a great way to get more exposure to your class. We have partnerships with other sites that will promote your class if you are looking to give your teleseminar more exposure.
  • Teleseminar Nation – is the first Web 2.0 community for people who teach and learn business and personal development secrets through Teleseminars.

What are you favorite ways to teleconference? What do you use to hold teleseminars? Why do you like it best? What else have you tried?

For more resources like this, please request our free report: “187 Free Ways to Explode Your Business”.

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