The Importance of Social Media Marketing (and 3 Marketing Tips)

Social media is the biggest thing to envelop our world in the last decade. Its impact on the modern society is astounding. Over 50% of the US population has a Facebook account. There's never been an easier time to reach out and talk with people. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, we really need to seek ways to integrate social media with our marketing efforts. Hence, social media marketing was born.

With social media’s great influence in our world, I can’t express highly enough how important leveraging social media is. It is a necessity for every business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing people. And with that in mind, here are three ways you can market social media.

1. Company Blog.

Every potential customer will need to know what your business is, and yes, a company website will (and should) do the trick. It will provide all the information customers need. In addition, you will want a blog. While the website conveys facts, the blog expresses opinion and personality.

Tip: it’s not just enough to put a single-paged information site about your company, you should update it. You need to educate your customers and provide them with useful information. Thus, having a blog with regularly posted helpful articles is an awesome marketing strategy.

Additional tip: please have a great domain name for your company blog such as one that incorporates your keywords. It has lots of advantages.

2. Facebook Business Fan Page

Facebook is the single biggest social networking site on the planet. With over a billion users, it’s just far too tempting for an entrepreneur not to leverage it. It’s an essential marketing tool for every entrepreneur.

If you are a solopreneur, executive or speaker/author, then get started networking with your personal profile.

If you have employees, products or a business that is not based on your expertise or direct relationship with your customer, you will need to build a business fan page for your company. This will be directly connected to your company blog.

How important is this: web users have notoriously short attention spans. People won’t always have time to go to your website and read your articles, but they can easily click “like” or “subscribe” your fan page — because for the most part — people check in with Facebook regularly.

Marketing strategy: Post a link to each of your blog articles on Facebook, so whether customers visit your blog or not, they will always see fresh, new, interesting articles on their Facebook page (linked to your blog).

Tip: Building a Facebook fan base will be challenging at first. You have to have people to “like” or “subscribe” your page. One way to do so is to put out incentives. Offer them a chance to gain free incentives for people who subscribes or likes your page. This will build your marketing base.

3. Twitter

Being the second largest social networking tool, it’s far too tempting not to leverage it. With over 500 million users, it’s an excellent tool to market your business.

Tip: You can reuse the content you post on your blog and on facebook and post it to twitter too! Inn addition, you will have to post unique content to Twitter.

In today’s world, it’s not enough anymore to have just one social networking media for your marketing affairs, you need to have more. Start with one and do a really good job with it and then add another. The more social media marketing tools you have, the more clients you will reach and the more successful your business will become.

Follow these three tips and your marketing ventures will surely take giant leaps. It is highly undeniable the impact social media has on our world today. Thus, every entrepreneur should leverage it.

Facebook Custom Fan Page Tab Requires SSL

Here's a new development in the Facebook Custom Fan Page world. If you are using an application or have created a custom tab that points to a server, off of Facebook, that server must have an SSL certificate. What does that mean to most of us?

  1. If you have used an existing 3rd party Facebook application, like an iframe app, chances are they are already hosting your custom page on a secure server. Check with them to be sure. Ask them if the server that hosts your Facebook Custom Fan Page has an SSL certificate. If the answer is yes, you're OK. If not, they will either have to get one, or you will have to move to a new server or hosting company that has one.
  2. If you self host on your own web site, you will need to ensure you are on a secure server. There are a couple ways to do this. 
    • First, you can purchase a SSL certificate for your site. There are many places you can get one. Your hosting company may offer them. Or, you can order from You will also need to have your developer follow the rule found here.
    • You can host the content in your iframe on a secure site like an Amazon S3 account. Another is to post files in Dropbox.
  3. If you are using apps or tabs, you should be fine.

Don't you love these un-announced changes?

Facebook Subscribe – a Game Changer for Coaches, Speakers, Authors and Public Figures

You may have noticed that little button show up on your Facebook profile that says "Subscribe". If you are like me, you may have glanced and said, "I don't get it" or perhaps "I don't have time to figure that one out". You are not alone!

There were a lot of other changes that popped up at the same time, and this one got little press coverage. However, it is a BIG DEAL for celebrities, athletes, speakers, coaches and any individual one who is a public figure or wants to be one! Actually, this one little feature can be a game changer in the way a public figure uses Facebook.

Prior to Facebook Subscribe, as a public figure, you could only accept 5000 connections to your personal profile. Those connections include both friends and pages you like. So once you hit that limit, you had to create a fan page. The problem is that now you had to administer two things, a profile and a page. Often your clients would want to connect with you personally, and not with your page. It was harder to create relationships with your page likes than it was your friends.

That just changed.

Facebook just broke out a new feature. It's something you've gotten all along with your friends. You've always been subscribed to your friend's updates. Now you can click on the Subscribe button to filter what you see from each friend. Tired of their Farmville updates? You can filter that out but clicking on the subscribe button.

OK, so that's not so new. But what is new is that now you can subscribe to hear what celebrities, journalists, speakers and public figures have to say without becoming their friend. You simply click on the subscribe button on their profile and their public updates will appear in your news feed.

(If you don't want non-friends to subscribe to your public updates, then you can turn it off so the subscribe button disappears.) To turn on Subscribe follow these directions.

So why is this a game changer?

Well, you don't necessarily need a page anymore to break through the 5000 connection limit for your profile. More people can follow your public updates and feel intimately connected to you without you having to create and administer a page.

When is a page still valuable?

You want to move to a page when you need multiple people to administer it. Or for using custom tabs and applications. A page you can promote with ads and sponsored stories. And you get detailed metrics on demographics and fan activity with your page. So if its just you getting started, using your profile with the subscribe button is the best option. Once your business grows beyond you, you want to conduct advertising, or you want to start adding in fancy apps, then you will want a page.

Now, if you are afraid of having too much information in your news feed and thus are wary of subscribing to peoples updates, here's how to avoid that problem. You sort them into lists and save them to your favorites. Facebook created a great little guide for that. It's called Creating a Subscriptions List.

Lastly, you need to optimize your profile to get found by subscribers. Fortunately, Facebook has put together a short tutorial that shows us how to Optimize Your Profile for Subscribe.

If you are a public figure, coach, consultant, celebrity, author, or perhaps you want to be, then go ahead and turn on subscriptions and subscribe away!

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