Social Media Made Simple for Small Business

Do you have a small business? Do you want to gain more attention and more customers for your products? You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars (which you don’t have) for advertisements and campaigns– with social media marketing, you can have the limelight focused on your company!

What is this marketing strategy, anyway?

Marketing through social media is a technique which uses social network giants to catch the attention of web browsers. What sets this technique apart is, you gain popularity through word of mouth – meaning you get attention because people like your products and items, not because you ran a fancy commercial on national TV.

This social media strategy is very advantageous, because even the smallest of companies can use these networks. Social media is very accessible, as long as you have an internet access. Because there’s virtually no capital involved in opening a social network account, this type of marketing plan is conveniently free.

What social networks can you use? (and how to use them)

Facebook. This is considered a bigger platform because it allows you to post longer descriptions, more photos and more videos. Your website’s “likes” tell you how much patrons and followers you have. Customers can post feedbacks on your profile, which gives you the information you need to further improve your services. You can also use Facebook to promote a link headed towards your Twitter page or company blog.

Twitter. This network gives you the chance to promote your products on a personal level. Because the campaigns are short, more users will tend to read it. For your tweets, you can include links which direct the user to a promotional video or image. Most often than not, Twitter brings new customers in and fosters loyalty with the old ones.

Blogs. Blog sites such as LinkedIn or your very own company blog, give companies a chance to interact with their online customers. These blogs can be used to show your company’s information and products, with more detailed descriptions as those allowed in Facebook and Twitter. You can also use your Blogs to direct your customers back to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

With these social media networks, you can market your products effectively without spending a lot of money. Try any of these platforms today to see the difference.

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5 Ways a Chief Marketing Officer can Help You!

Marketing your business is the most essential consideration when looking to increases your ROI. Large corporations are able to afford a marketing department, overseen by a chief marketing officer. It’s the smaller, fledgling businesses that do not have the capital for such tools. Don’t despair though because with the right support your business will not be left behind.

The current question on the minds of all businesses is, “Who needs a CMO anyway?” While CMO’s were born with the advent of the .com industry, the job has not been around long enough to be fully defined. According to this Forbes article, a CMO’s primary concerns should be:

1.Researching consumer demand so your business can meet their needs.

2.Directing the development of new products while maintaining the consumer’s interest in the staple products of your business.

3.Marketing the products to the public. It is important to note though that if items 1 and 2 are not addressed, no one is likely to sit up and take note of your campaign.

4.Analyzing the company’s revenue in regards to its fiscal goals.

5.Meeting the company’s margin goals which include product creation, pricing, and marketing.

This is a daunting list for certain. In fact, that is probably why some call being a CMO “the most dangerous job in business.” In fact, competent CMO’s must “…grasp not only advertising and promotions but also public relations, IT, finance, manufacturing, customer service, and branding across global markets.” In other words, a CMO must be a wearer of many hats and a jack of all trades.

It is perfectly understandable to feel a bit daunted by this information. After all, you are already in charge of every other detail within your business. How can you readily become the expert in yet another?

Perhaps the answer is found in a coach who serves as your “virtual chief marketing officer and executive advisor to help you build your brand and put the strategies, systems and support in place to CATAPULT your business.” With such an experienced coach you do not have to be master of the CMO’s domain—you may rely on the coach to guide you in this regard. As the proprietor of your business, you will always be in charge of all aspects, but it would be efficient to have someone well-versed as a chief marketing officer to encourage, support, and guide your goals to a reality.

Please contact us today so that we may provide your aspirations with more “CLARITY, FOCUS and CONFIDENCE to get more clients, make an impact and achieve financial freedom.”

3 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Plans

Create Your DreamsPeople sometimes assume that opening their very own business is easy. However, it takes more than money to make a business thrive and survive. We live in a world wherein we have a lot of competition with whatever things we decide to venture on. It is very important to make sure that you have a good marketing plan, so that you can safely and steadily be on track as you take your business upwards.

But remember, creating marketing plans is more than just drafting a bunch of strategies on a piece of paper. There are actually important factors involved in this. Here are three helpful tips in creating good marketing plan.

Firstly, one of the things that you have to remember is, you have to be highly motivated. There are times when a business plan seems promising but because the owner is not that determined to succeed, the business fails. Entrepreneurs would have to be “hands on” with their business especially during the first years when it is still very fragile. Entrepreneurs should make sure that they are not only using their knowledge, but their instincts as well–because it is a very big factor.

Second thing you have to remember is, your plans should be concise and concrete. If you’d just put together generalized ideas in your marketing plan, then it will not succeed. You should specify what your goal is (precisely), who will be in charge of your goal, and what people around you or your staff should do in order to help. Also, remember that you have to be specific about the day you would like your goal to be reached. This will make you strive more.

Lastly, remember that your plans would have to be measurable. You have to keep your goals reachable. You can’t expect to become big in the industry that you chose overnight. Have a big goal, but also accept that it may take a while for you to achieve it—years even.

You have to work hard to achieve success. But in order to reach that point, you have to make your dreams precise, concrete and “big yet attainable.”

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