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Clicking Metrics for Twitter Social Media Marketing

When it comes to Twitter, social media marketing opportunities are not limited.  Not only can businesses connect with other business and followers with ease, but advertising products and services and expanding is made easy.

Tools are also in abundance.  Social media managers are quite popular for monitoring Twitter, scheduling posts, and for integrating other social networks.  Yet, one interesting tool that’s used is not given much attention: URL shorteners.

twitter marketingIndeed – you only have 140 characters in a tweet.  When you are marketing your business, or giving followers an interesting link to inform, entertain, or inspire (which is effective for marketing), URL shorteners are a must.  Lee Odden notes 11 of the best shorteners, which are not created equally.

One of the strongest features with URL shorteners is the ability to track clicking statistics.  These metrics are quite powerful, allowing you to directly analyze how many people are clicking on your links.  Thus, you could conceivable analyze where your marketing power is coming from – on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog…?

All it takes is a different, trackable link to know.  As Raju of TechPP notes, not all tools have this ability.  He identifies five specific URL shorteners that can do the trick – and the difference is well worth the switch, if necessary.

Utilize URL shorteners on Twitter to analyze clicking statistics.  It can help you analyze how effective your social media marketing efforts are on this site and others.  The potential insight gained is well worth investigating your choices.  Contact us to learn more about social media marketing.

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