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Social Media for Business: Reputation Improvement

Which is more important: Improving the reputation of the business or increasing sales?  New research has shed light on this interesting topic, offering insight into the use of social media for business.

David Mielach reports that, per the research, just 11 percent of businesses say they use social media to increase sales.  However, more than 20 percent of businesses say they use it to build their reputation and brand.  Mielach adds that 39 percent say that it is a part of the broader communication strategy.

As social media is becoming a central source for customer service and visibility, it isn’t surprising to see businesses use social media for reputation building.  The opportunity to capture customers and show an engaging side of the business with social media is appealing.  With a sound content marketing strategy and ideal communication with customers on social media, a business can certainly improve its reputation.

While the numbers in the quoted research seem low, Mielach notes that social media for business numbers are rising: nearly 40 percent of United States respondents will increase their social media and digital budgets.  These numbers, according to Mielach, are higher than increases in reputation management (as well as corporate communications and corporate social responsibility communications).

Business are taking advantage of social media as an all-encompassing tool – for sales, content marketing, customer service, and certainly for reputation improvement as well.  Contact us to learn more about how to leverage social media for your business.  We will be happy to help you improve your understanding of social media.

About Debra Zimmer

After 25 years of growing entrepreneurial businesses at companies such as Microsoft, where she attracted 700,000 members into an online community in 18 months and then grew a second one to 250,000 members in 10 months, Debra Zimmer then struck out on her own to grow an online retail store to 6-figures of income and put it on AUTOPILOT for 3 years. With an engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Debra is the undisputed expert in helping experts, entrepreneurs and executives to focus their brilliance and magnify their impact using social media and internet marketing tactics.

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