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What is “Feel Good” marketing?

Give that “Feel Good” feeling with your marketing

I recently began attending church. I’m not gonna get all religious on anyone. But it’s taken me about 20 years to WANT to go to church. Why? Because I finally found one that relates to me as a customer. I am the ideal customer for this church. Why do I say that? Because they talk to my needs, wants and desires. They have me down to a “t”.

It’s only taken me 45 years to understand why other people go to church…because it makes them feel good. That’s it. It’s that simple. It just took me that long to get my butt to the right church.

But there something more I want to talk about. It’s about that “Feel Good” feeling. This church isn’t the only place I’ve felt it. People get that same “Feel Good” feeling from Oprah. She just makes us all feel good about ourselves. She makes the mediocrity of our lives somehow become special. She transforms us and our lives with that “Feel Good” feeling, if only for the moment.

Recently, a friend of mine went to a business conference and shared her experience with me. What fascinated me most was how impressed she was that one of the billionaire speakers treated her with respect, consideration and sincerity. That billionaire made my friend feel good, important and respected. She transferred the “Feel Good” feeling to her.

The overriding take away I got from her experience, was how much time and detail was spent on making her and the other attendees feel good. And now my friend was spreading that “Feel Good” feeling to me.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all spent our time giving each other sincere consideration, respect and that “Feel Good” feeling?

What makes an ordinary business stand out from the pack? I bet if you spread some of that “Feel Good” feeling around you’ll see a meteoric rise in business. Isn’t this what the Law of Attraction is about anyway? Send that “Feel Good” feeling out to others and they will send it back. And, isn’t that what the bible says? Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. OK, I’m a little rusty on my bible quotes, by I still “got that loving feeling”.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

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After 25 years of growing entrepreneurial businesses at companies such as Microsoft, where she attracted 700,000 members into an online community in 18 months and then grew a second one to 250,000 members in 10 months, Debra Zimmer then struck out on her own to grow an online retail store to 6-figures of income and put it on AUTOPILOT for 3 years. With an engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Debra is the undisputed expert in helping experts, entrepreneurs and executives to focus their brilliance and magnify their impact using social media and internet marketing tactics.

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